Vincent Crotty Irish-born oil painter
2015 Silver Key Award

Vincent and Kieran receiving the 2015 Silver Key Award.

On October 14, 2015, Vincent and his wife Kieran Jordan received the Charitable Irish Society’s Silver Key Award for their outstanding contributions to the Irish community in Boston. Established in 1737, the Charitable Irish Society is the oldest Irish society in North America. With the motto of “With Good Will Doing Service,” the Society’s annual Silver Key Award recognizes individuals who continue the traditions of fostering Irish culture and hospitality in Boston.

Kieran was honored for her teaching and her wide-reaching Irish dance programs which promote and share Irish culture and history to communities throughout Greater Boston. Vincent was honored for his teaching and his generous contributions of paintings to the Irish Pastoral Center, Irish International Immigration Center and many other organizations that auction his work to raise funds for their programs. The award presentations were made by Sandra L. Moody, Keeper of the Silver Key, at the Fairmount Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston.